Thursday, December 1, 2011

because it's about time we got a dog

So the Mr. 505 and I are dog shopping. Finally. I've been wanting a dog for a long time, but we've been renters and landlords don't really go for bigger dogs. And I'm sooooo a big dog person. Little yippy dogs drive me crazy. We have applied to adopt through an agency here in Vancouver. . . Must Love Dogs NW. It's like buying a house, although maybe not quite as bad, but we still had to list references and they're apparently going to be checking us out to make sure we'll be fit doggy parents and all. Here's the one we've inquired about. He's a year and a half old labrador retriever/golden retriever mix. Wouldn't he look cute with a Christmas bow on his head? Phil doesn't want me to get too attached too soon, but I figure if he's not the dog for us, there are plenty more out there to choose from.

I've been sick the last two weeks. Week number one was all about the stomach I-think-I'm-gonna-barf-at-any-moment-but-I-never-did bug. The worst day was when the lunch menu at school included both tuna noodle casserole AND cooked broccoli. People, that stuff stinks. I was gagging my brains out. So not pretty. Week number two is all about the I-can't-stop-coughing-and/or-hacking-up-every-cell-in-my-lungs bug. And I'm still gagging. I'm sick of being sick.

It's December 1st. Holy cow! Only two more days til the Christmas luncheon. I'm up to my eyeballs in party favors over here. Needless to say, I still have pumpkins all over the place and there's no Christmas wreath on my door. I'm not too worried. The decorations will get put out this weekend once things have settled down and I don't have to worry about being in front of a whole room full of women. I don't like speaking to adults. Give me a room full of 150 kids and I'm good to go, but put me in front of adults and I become a babbling idiot. It's not like I'm giving some long speech or anything like that, I'm basically just the MC, but this is really taking me out of my comfort zone.

Until next time, happy Decembering everyone.


Kellie said...

Hope you get that sweet pup!! How adorable. :)

I am so sorry you have been sick. I have had two children share their lunch or breakfast with me twice this week. It was NOT pleasant. I can only imagine how your lunches smelled to you that week you felt puny.

You will do GREAT in front of those women this weekend. I have great confidence in you! Afterwards you can just collapse. lol :)

Luci said...

What a sweet puppy. We got our Mika through the Hannah Society which is similar to what you are doing. We also pay a small monthly fee and it covers all vet and meds 100%. Plus all his food. Also we got puppy classes until his puppy teeth feel out and 1 grooming trip a year and 4 days/nights at their puppy day care. Not a bad deal.

We prayed and prayed for the just right dog to come into our family. God delivered of course. This dog is perfect for the girls. Can't wait to meet your puppy.

Oh and get better and well like everything you do, I am sure this luncheon will be perfect.