Tuesday, August 30, 2011

working hard or hardly working?

This is my first week on the new job. It's a work week for me, no kids til next Tuesday. Right now I have five on my list. My classroom had so much stuff in it when I walked in there on Monday I thought about sitting down and having a good cry. When there's that much stuff, you don't even know where to start. Brain overload. Then I was told whatever I didn't want I could move across the hall to an empty classroom. Hallelujah!

Today I spent a big chunk of my morning organizing the books. There were quite a few that I inherited, plus my own stash from Goodwill. So I combined them and put them in baskets. Just need to type up some new labels and that's done.

Here's what the room looked like this morning. There's a carpeted area and a linoleum area where the tables are. The kids have tables instead of desks.

That little corner on the left there is my "office." Then I have a sink in my room! First time for that. There's also a Jack/Jill bathroom that connects to the Pre-K room. You can't see, but I have two windows and two doors. There's also another set of cabinets and cubbies.

I should also add that right next door are two big gigantic bakeries. One of them is a bread factory and the other one must be cookies. I don't know what they had in their ovens today, but I walked out to my car and I could smell the most amazing scent. Cherry or raspberry, I think. Reminded me of driving through good ol' Ashland, Ohio, and getting a big whiff of Archway.

Tomorrow's Phil505's birthday. He says he's staying up til midnight tonight to see in the big day. I told him it's not Christmas Eve so not to expect his gifts until tomorrow. I think he'll pass out before then. He's been working hard this week moving boxes to our new house. Happy birthday, babe! I love you very lots.

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Kellie said...

Great to see your new room!! I hope everything gets settled for you soon.... so much to do. You KNOW I understand the overwhelmingness. (I just made up that word...) Happy Birthday to your sweet Phil505!