Wednesday, May 4, 2011

because sometimes we're church skippers

Confession: We skipped church on Sunday. Don't worry, we still love Jesus, and if I still lived back in Ohio I know my grandma would've called and wondered why I wasn't in church. It's just that after approximately 9,862.75 consecutive days of rain, the sun finally came out. And warmed the earth. And caused things to grow. And I love tulips. You all know that.

And plus, Flat Stanley is visiting. From Ohio. And he needs to see the sights. And Phil505 has been working an awful lot of hours. And we barely get to see each other with his wacky work schedule. So he took me and Stanley to Woodland, WA, to the Holland America Tulip Farm to see them.

It was lovely. And I used our new camera. And my pictures actually turned out ok.

The best parts of the day?

1. I got a little sunburned.

2. It was a cheap date. Which we need because gas is so dag-gum expensive. (I filled my tank on Monday and it was $3.79 a gallon. What's it going for where you live?)

3. They were having a special on potted tulips - $1 a pot. You know I bought some. To plant in the yard at our new house. Which isn't quite exactly our new house. Yet. Because we're still waiting. Meanwhile I try to keep my mind off that by doing things like tip-toeing through the tulips with paper people.


Dawn said...

Beautiful pics! Gas is $4 a gallon out here in the other Portland. Yikes!

Dana said...

Your pictures turned out more than just okay; they're beautiful. I would have skipped too but I'm more spiritual than you. XO