Thursday, April 7, 2011

the power cookie

I mentioned the other day about the power cookies that my handsome husband made from the 17-Day Diet book. And today as I was browsing the news websites I saw that ABC had a couple articles and a video posted about the diet. They also have a link to the recipe. As I said, it does have black pepper in it which I really don't taste until it's about gone. Then I'm like, "Ewww. . .pepper in a cookie. That's wrong on so many levels." We omitted the dried cherries but used everything else the recipe calls for. It counts as a protein and a carb and qualifies as the most expensive cookie to make ever.


Dana said...

You're a funny one, you are!! BTW, I like the hand holding picture of you and Phil505.

I may have to try those cookies. I must say I have never heard of the 17-Day Diet. Are you doing it too or just Phil505.

Do you call him Phil505 to his face or just refer to him as that in your funny blog?


Kellie said...

I have never heard of the 17 day diet, either. Tell us more, dear!