Monday, April 4, 2011

first thoughts

For lack of anything better to write about, I'm stealing this from the world wide web.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word:

Air: the glowing of my father from the radiation that's made it all the way to Ohio from Japan. And all this time he was so worried about me. (inside joke here, people. But Dad, seriously, it's at Case Western, an hour away. Get a geiger counter already.)

Meat: chicken and all the various and assundry ways it can be cooked. Eatin' a lot of chicken over here lately.

Different: where I am today in comparison to where I thought I would be 15 or 20 years ago. Never once in my wildest imagination did I picture myself living in it-never-stops-raining Vancouver, WA with a handsome studmuffin like Phil505. OK, well maybe I did picture a handsome studmuffin, but rain was not part of that mental picture. Fields of wildflowers, that's what I imagined. (only the chatterbox chicks will get that one.)

Pink: toenail polish and how badly I need to self-pedicure. I bought one of those callus shaver things. You know, the gadget with a razor blade, for your feet. It makes me nervous to even hold the stupid thing.

Deserve: I deserve a visitor this summer. It's been two years since someone's been out to see me. It's time.

White: my skin. Ick. I need a tan.

Elvis: he's alive. I saw him at Walmart not too long ago.

Magic: Phil505's chocolate protein powder blended with a raspberry yogurt and some frozen raspberries. Why did it take me so long to know the amazing power of the smoothie-making immersion blender? Chocolate + raspberry = bliss.

Heart: love this picture of my niece my sister posted on facebook today. It's kinda dark and a little bit blurry, but she looks adorable and I love the carefree way she's kicking up her feet, one sock on, one sock off. I know what you're thinking. . . she looks just like me. Yep. She does. She was my sleeping two year old flower girl. And now she's all grown up. Kinda.

Clash: in about 3 weeks it'll be spirit week at school. clash day is always a big highlight. I wait to clash until I get to school just in case I need to stop somewhere 'cause you know I don't want to look like a total retard at the gas pump.

Pulp: with extra pulp - that's how I like my orange juice.


Luci said...

Smart thinking about waiting until you get to school to clash. Last year for pj day I had to take my dad to the doctor and did not bring an extra set of clothes. Yup I got a lot of stares.
Your niece is adorable. How old is she?

Kellie said...

Love these. You are so inventive. I am scared of those feet razor thingies, too.... lol :)