Sunday, February 20, 2011

a little too close for comfort

Our back yard is right along a very busy road heading to the freeway. I've always felt like one of my worst fears of living here would be for a car to come crashing through the fence and into our yard or house. (There's not much yard, so it's definitely something that could happen. Although we do have three pine trees right behind the fence that you can't really see in these pictures that would probably help stop them.)

Well, yesterday afternoon, I was heading out to the store to get a gift for a baby shower and I saw all this glass along the edge of the road. That drew my eyes to the neighbors' back yards and I saw that both of our neighbors on the east side had their fences demolished. In the first picture you can see the ruts left by the tires. Our house is the ranch third from the right. (These are cell phone pics I took on the way to church this morning. Sorry for the lackluster quality.)

This one shows that the whole back side fence is gone in the 2nd house down from us. You can see the fence that divides their properties is still up.

And our immediate neighbors lost a big chunk of their back fence.

I never heard any crash, nor do I recall hearing sirens. It was icy out Saturday morning. I'm just thankful it's not something we have to deal with.

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Kellie said...

OY... glad it wasn't y'all's fence, but hoping everyone was OK!