Saturday, February 12, 2011

dad, this is for you. and mom.

I blogged the other day about my mom sending me some tea and how happy I was and all that jazz. And then my dad read the post and I got this email. . .

Hey By the way your Mom may have sent you the tea BUT your DAD paid for it & for the postage ain't that worth mentioning?????

love your Poor Dad

Now you see where I get my sense of humor. And ears. And squinty eyes.

Don't worry, faithful readers. I've already called to make amends with my father because I wouldn't want to leave him out of experiencing my utmost appreciation, especially since he spent his hard-earned money to make me so happy.

Dad, again, please forgive me for not getting my facts straight and believing everything mom told me.

That, and it's my parents' 40th anniversary today. And they deserve a little love from their #1 daughter. I had a much better, way more fun picture I wanted to put up. But I thought I'd better not for fear of my Dad getting all uptight with me again.

Happy 40th, Mom and Dad! Here's to another 40 years of love and happiness. And crazy blog posts from your firstborn. I love you!

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Kellie said...

This was great. :) I hope your parents have a super wonderful 40th anniversary!! That is awesome!