Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ten on tuesday (the it couldn't get any more random) edition

1. I got a gift from Phil505's aunt and uncle for Christmas. A gift that I already had: the little green pouch of Cricut tools. She said, "If you already have it, I won't mind if you exchange it." I was cool with that. She told me she had used a coupon on it when she bought it, but couldn't find the receipt. Today I went to Craft Warehouse and they let me exchange it for the full price. No questions. No problem.

2. I love, love, love Craft Warehouse.

3. I got a new 2nd grade student today. She's smart. She also got a little annoyed because the kids kept calling her Cindy instead of Sydney. We had to practice saying her name and slapping our knees. Syd-knee. Get it?

4. We might have an early morning 'weather event' tomorrow which could result in a potential delay or cancellation. I'd love that because getting back in the groove is hard after two glorious weeks of freedom. Most people around here will probably say, "Ya, right. Good luck with that." Especially since tomorrow it's supposed to be 43 degrees by like 9:00.

5. My mom and dad bought us new lamps and shades for our new living room set up. And a new basket to keep the laundry stuff in on top of the dryer. Oh, and new extension cords and light bulbs. They are awesome! They always know exactly what we want. (wink. wink.)

6. My niece Lavender is turning two tomorrow. Where does time go? She doesn't read this blog, but happy birthday, cutie pie, anyway!

7. My only real disappointment this Christmas was that I didn't get a Secret Santa Shop gift from Darick. He said he was too old to go in the gym and go shopping. I look forward to those little trinkets hand-picked-with-love-especially-for-me-gifts every year. I've gotten some real gems. This one is hanging on the fridge.

"Aunt you make my life a whole lot sweeter." Could there be anything more sentimental than that from your nephew? I also have a ceramic cat and a penguin which I will now have to keep forever because there will be no more. Sadness :(

8. On the menu tonight: for Phil505 a healthy green salad; for me Hebrew National hotdogs. Now before you get all bent out of shape about that, let me just say that I had a healthy green salad for lunch and the Hebrew Nationals were low fat. I also had celery. With peanut butter for extra protein.

9. One of my favorite New Year's traditions is filling up the calendar with all the birthdays. I also have a tradition of finding a beautiful calendar on sale. Because I refuse to pay full price for a beautiful calendar.

10. Go Buckeyes!


bmarquez said...

Ten on Tuesday random comments
1) what new Christmas gift did you purchase?
2) Ditto
3) Good visual
4) I also couldn't wait to get up this morning and check the weather. So sad!
5) Your parents are amazing
6) I like to say "cutie pu-to-tee"
7) He's growing up
8) You go girl! That sounds healthy to me.

9) Not a happy tradition for me.
10) Really. . . . .was that on sale?

I hope the next time you give a prize for leaving a comment this boosts my shot at winning.

Kellie said...

I just love your random ten things. lol :) Did you ever have that weather delay/cancellation?