Thursday, December 16, 2010

this year's top secret christmas craft

For about a week and a half, my classroom has been consumed by snow people. Little tiny snow people. Happy little tiny snow people. Little tiny stamped in white decorated by little hands while the teacher got high on glossy mod podge snow people. Let the results amaze you. Or at the very least, act amazed.

Here's our first featured family. Dad's scratchin' that itch on his head. That's Grandma over there on the end with the pink ear muffs. And yes, those oversized pom poms on the hats are real. I hot glued them on at the very end.

Next up, with three adopted children from China, there wasn't much room left for the biological kids. So only the big sister still living at home made it onto the 8X10 canvas. Here's part of the family. And they're apparently all under arrest.

It's funny how into it they got. These snow people are all wearing buttons in their favorite colors.

Aren't they cute? I don't want to take them down tomorrow.

Here's the best part. The canvases came in a 3 pack originally priced at $5.99. But they were 50% off when I went in to get them and that made them a buck a kid! WOO-HOO!!! Everything else (with the exception of white glitter) I dug out of the supply closet at school.

And tomorrow we shall wrap them up in our finest handmade wrapping paper. (Think Bingo stampers on thin kraft paper.)

And because it's totally going to kill them to have their parents wait til Christmas to open them, perhaps you might even find a note like this attached to the top. . .

or maybe this. . .

it could even be partly upside down. . .

or totally the wrong merry. Or is it marry? No, wait. Mary????

I'd like to thank That Artist Woman for yet another inspiring stolen-from-the-internet craft. You make me the art teacher I never was or knew I could be. I am forever indebted to you.

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Kellie said...

That is AWESOME!! I'll have to steal that craft, too, if I can find a bargain on them like you did!! lol