Saturday, December 18, 2010

christmas schtuff

Now that I'm officially on Christmas break (oh, how I love being a teacher), I actually have a little time to blog again. Here's an update from the last week or so. . .

Snowmen have officially taken over our house. This one here is toddler sized.

Gifts for the giving tree have been purchased. I love that our church does this every year. They connect with a guidance counselor at a school just down the street and get a few families' wish lists. Then they are given boxes full of gifts and food.

Phil505 has ended his time teaching the adult Sunday School class for now. He's on a rotating schedule with another guy who will start up in January. This quarter we've gone through three studies: God is Closer Than You Think by John Ortberg, Fearless by Max Lucado, and The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren. I'm so proud of him for stepping up and leading, even though he says he doesn't like being in front of people.

The presents have been mailed to Ohio. One box shipped priority and one box shipped parcel post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives before Christmas. But when they told me how much it was going to be for priority, I nearly had heart failure. "That'll be $39, 482.76 please."

I hosted my first ever cookie exchange last Sunday. It was so much fun! If you've ever thought about hosting one, you should do it.
And just in time for the cookie exchange, we finally got the three pictures up in the dining room. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Phil505's laser level thing?
My former student that went to Austria for professional tennis lessons came home for Christmas. And he brought me back some German chocolate. Oh. My. Word. Here it is next to a Hershey's miniature for size comparison. It is totally melt-in-your-mouth-confectionary-goodness. (I'm sure it's because it's made with authentic Alpen milka.)

As part of their box of Christmas goodness, my niece and nephews had to write a letter to Santa and mail it off. Little did they know it was actually addressed to me. This was because I found a website where you could email Santa your requests and get an email back. So, being the awesome aunt that I am, I totally did that for them. And just three days later, I got their personalized replies. So I printed them out, chopped off the internet stuff at the bottom, and jazzed them up with some of my old Creative Memories Christmas stickers that were taking up valuable space in my scrapbook room. They are all ready to go in the mail back to them from 1 Snowy Lane, The North Pole complete with their secret elf names on the envelopes: Twinkle Toes, Hot Rod, and Little Dude! The letters themselves are pretty funny too. Prancer's been watching too many Christmas specials on TV, Santa loves teddy bears and sleeps with his every night, and someday he's going to take the reindeer for a ride on a train. Maybe they'll ride in the passenger car. I love it!

Our Christmas program at school went very well. The kids did a great job. I was impressed. The audience loved it. I was too busy directing to take any pictures, but I did get a few of our Christmas tree decorating party at school yesterday. Who knew upside down sugar cones could be so festive?
Sugar 'em up and send 'em home! That's always my motto.

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Kellie said...

Looks like you have had a blast lately. :) Neat thought about the Santa web site!