Monday, July 26, 2010

snoqualmie falls

Last Tuesday we packed up the Jeep with all our camping gear and headed into the Cascade Mountains. Head north toward Seattle and hang a right just before the skyline comes into view. Destination: Lake Wanatchee. A place neither of us had ever been to before. But first, some stops along the way.

As the pictures shows, no camping trip is ever complete without my husband and a roll of paper towels!
Stop #1 - Centralia Outlets. As if we didn't already have enough crammed in the back of the Jeep (but we got such a good deal on jeans).

Stop #2 - Cabela's. It's every outdoorman's dream place. Two floors of gear for every type of hunting, fishing, camping, and boating you can imagine. Also the place to get the best beef jerky I've ever eaten.

Stop #3 - Snoqualmie Falls. Phil505 planned our route based on where the waterfalls were. Is that not so sweet? It was thunderously loud. I loved it! The park where we were walking around was all landscaped so beautifully. I guess it kind of made up for all the construction going on over the top of the falls. They were working on some sort of power project.
I'd love to stay at the Salish Lodge there beside the falls, but I'm sure it probably costs an arm and a leg. It was all so rustic looking. Very lodge-like. Well, it being a lodge and all, I'm sure it was very lodge-like.

Of course, no place is complete without the Phil & Wendy self-portrait. My wrist looks uncomfortably bent out of shape in this picture.

Then we meandered our way into the mountains. The views were fabulous as you shall soon see.
I don't want to spoil it by showing it all to you in one day. So tune in next time for Lake Wanatchee.

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Kellie said...

Love it!! Glad you are showing these beautiful spots! Can't wait to see the lake!