Saturday, May 1, 2010

it was just another successful national scrapbook day

Happy national day of scrappin, all you scrappers out there!

Thanks to Craigs List, my friend Barbara and I started out our day with a little shopping. I stumbled upon a post the other day that someone was having a two-day scrapbook warehouse sale which ended up being in the back of their garage. Can you say, "HELLO 8.5X11 cardstock that's 10 for $1?" I can. We went. We shopped. We bought. And we didn't even get murdered by a Craigs List killer. The best part? She's going to email us when she has the next one.

Then it was back to Barbara's place where I continued to work on my December Daily album. It's getting there, but by no means close to being finished. I finished up my time making some cute little spiral paper roses for my mom's Mother's Day card. Once I get it totally finished, I'll try to remember to take a picture. I think I'm now addicted to making paper roses. You can see how here. Super easy. And way cute!

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