Monday, April 5, 2010

it's never too late to start new traditions

For the first time in our almost six years of marital bliss, we colored Easter eggs. And we did it without one of those fancy Paas kits too. Did you know that regular old food coloring works just fine? And as Phil505 pointed out as I was randomly mixing colors together, there's even a handy dandy guide on the back of the box that shows you combinations to mix to create fabulous colors. Aren't they lovely? Next year I've got to figure out how to do polka dots on purpose. The two dots you see are just mistake drips.

I learned that a dozen eggs isn't enough for two grown adults to really get creative. However, one dozen eggs is more than enough for two grown adults to eat. Especially when one of the adults doesn't really like hard boiled eggs all that much. As a matter of fact, I only like eggs three ways: scrambled, deviled, and in egg salad. OK, make that four. A quiche is usually good now and then too.

We are so proud. Can't you tell?

The other not new Easter tradition: Phil digs out the ol' Easter tie. It's the only day all year I see him all decked out in a tie. Isn't he handsome?

In other Easter news, it poured down rain, we did not have ham (we had roast beef), and my mom did not send me a chocolate bunny. Again. For the sixth year in a row.

No, I'm not bitter. I tend to just let these sort of things go.

Most of the time.



Kellie said...

I can tell you are NOT bitter about the chocolate bunny.

Your Easter eggs are beautiful! I am impressed with y'all's creativity!

Phil505 looks very nice in his tie. :) And you look quite lovely in purple.

Kerry said...

Some bunny needs holiday therapy.

Love ya', Schwenna-wenner-hop-hop!!

Dawn Hartill said...

I am QUITE impressed that you colored eggs. That is one of my least favorite holiday traditions and I have been known to skip it unless one of the kids remembers. It is messy and nobody eats the eggs! It is such a waste to me. OH, my kids are going to need so much therapy as adults! "Well doctor, my mom didn't let us color eggs because it was too messy!" I can hear it now!