Friday, February 5, 2010


I know. I haven't blogged all week. My apologies. I've. Got. Nothing. No funny school stories. No amusing conversations with the hubs to share. Make that amusing conversations with the hubs that I'm allowed to share. No personal triumphs or tragedies. Except that my precious time with 'Bob' and KB (kettle bell) has helped me shed another 2 pounds. The tragedy there is that I walk, sit, stand up, and lie down in pain. But I do have questions.

Questions, dear readers. . .

1. When you drive near a Toyota now, do you wonder if that particular car's gas pedal is going to stick?

2. If you drive a Toyota, do you freak out every time you get in your car?

3. Why did facebook change their layout again? I just barely got used to the last one.

4. After watching Avatar, did you want to go outside and plug your hair into a tree?

5. What do you think Phil's gonna get me for Valentine's Day?

6. Are you with me that the woman on the red team on Biggest Loser's gotta go?

7. Do you think Bill & Sharon (aka: my Dad & Mom) should come out to visit us this summer? They had such a fabulous time the last time they were here. Two. Years. Ago.

8. Is this not the most boring blog post ever?

1 comment:

Kellie said...

You are not boring. :) Life just happens that way sometimes! I haven't seen last weeks Biggest Loser yet but it sounds like the Red Team woman continues to be interesting. Steve and I need to see that this weekend to be ready. lol
Facebook hasn't changed for me as of this moment.... it could when I go there in a minute. Why they continue to change it is beyond me!