Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ten on tuesday (the tomato plant in crisis edition)

1. We've been picking lots of cherry and yellow pear tomatoes. I got all these yesterday morning when I was out watering before I left on my big beach trip. There is nothing quite like standing there with the hose, spraying off tomatoes, and then popping them in your mouth.
2. However, before I could get these picked, I first had to try to pick up the yellow pear tomato plant. The thing had grown so big (seriously, almost as tall as me) and was so heavy that it had completely fallen over flat on its face. (I know, it doesn't have a face, but if it did, it would be on it.) The tomato cage was doing absolutely nothing. Worthless piece of junk. So I went hunting in the garage for some stakes. They broke the minute I tied the plant to them. Found a bigger plastic stake. It bent. I promptly emailed my husband and told him that we were having a tomato crisis.

3. I do not need anymore crisis in my life this week.

4. Today, after seeing it flat on its face again, we broke down and went to Home Depot to buy some wooden ones. Hopefully with my careful pruning (aka "incessant wacking") the plant will continue to thrive well until the first frost. There are certainly enough tomatoes on it that I could set up a fruit stand out front and make a little bit of extra money. Which would be good with the economy in crisis and all.

5. I got THE FUNNIEST card from my friend Natalie today in the mail. I don't know if she picked it out before or after I lost my job, but it sure made me laugh. LOVE YOU, NAT! Hope you're having a blast up there in the cabin in Michigan eating your lunch meat sandwiches :)

6. So yesterday after I semi-got-the-tomato-plant-wired-up, I went to meet my friend Barbara. She has connections of which I was a beneficiary. We went to Sauvie Island, out in the middle of the Columbia River, and we went blueberry picking. I didn't think $1.50 a pound was too bad. Then we went to her friend's house and sat on the beach . . . watched the ships go by, swam with the jumping fish, threw sticks out for the dogs to fetch, watched her survive a near mauling incident with Rudy, the overprotective dog-in-law, TWICE, read some magazines, and generally chatted the day away. Thank you, Barb, for the getaway. And I hope your leg is ok.

7. I had a doctor's appointment today and while I was in there, I asked her to check out some moles on my neck. She goes, "Oh, those skin tags look rather bothersome. Do you want me to freeze them off?" I said, "Ya, you probably better." (Do it while I've got the insurance, lady.) So she goes out to get the can of freeze spray, which reminds me of something like WD-40 without the label, comes back in and says, "This is the best part of my day!" It was at that point that I got a little freaked out. Seriously? Are you for real? The best part of your day is freezing skin off the necks of your patients? She told me she was going to zap them twice, just to make sure they'd come off. "It's going to get really cold," she says. "If you can't stand it, just let me know. I do this to myself all the time." OK, that was just as weird to me. Exactly how many skin tags do you have, doc, that you have to do this to yourself all the time? When I left, it felt like half my neck had been burned by a curling iron that someone had just held there for a really long time. The huge welts are gone and it's feeling better now, but the whole incident was just a bit bizaare. Tomorrow I get to go to the dentist. Yes, more medical trauma.

8. I saw on the news tonight (and this will tell you just how little news there was) that the big Halloween wig-of-the-year is going to be one that will make you look like Kate Gosselin. OK, people, I'm not trying to be critical, but have you seen her hair? I'm all about fresh looks for hair and all, but I don't think I'd want hers. Nor would I want all her drama. Why are people still watching that show? I looked it up online and here's what I've found . . . Carefully called the "Eight Is Too Much Adult Wig," the "sleek and so stylish" hairpiece "will make people think you have eight children," a product description reads. It's "smooth and face-framing in the front with a short and puffy back that's full of volume." And it's guaranteed to make you look controlling. It's also sold out until September 15th. Sorry, Glenda. You, Todd, and Maddie would've made a fabulous looking John and Kate plus one.

9. Sometime I've got to get in the mood to scrapbook. Perhaps I should host a little gathering.

10. There's a big, glorious, yellow full moon out tonight. I think I just saw a man on it.

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Kellie said...

You made me laugh, which I hope means you are laughing on your end of the country, too. Still praying for you. :)