Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ten on tuesday (the summer is quickly coming to an end edition)

1) My aunt and uncle are here from Florida this week. My uncle had his 50th class reunion over the weekend. Right now they're off galavanting around like a couple of teenagers.

2) My niece Hannah turned seven on Monday and started first grade today. I had to call her to find out exactly what first graders do on the first day. I still don't have a clue. She didn't give me a lot of detail. Just that it was fun, and she had fun, and her teacher was nice, and Kyla isn't in her class this year, and she went to music. Well, alrighty then.

3) According to the news tonight, 50% of the US population is going to get the H1N1 virus this fall. That means half of you will be reading my blog from your deathbed. I hope what I write cheers you up and I hope you'll be well enough to leave an occasional comment.

4) Phil505 is on vacation for two weeks. Yesterday he helped me take a car load of stuff to the school, he took me out to lunch, and he helped me hang paper and borders on my bulletin boards. It's nice to be married to someone so tall and helpful. Today he took me to the teacher store, out to lunch, to Sears, and to the RedBox at McDonald's. Then we got a McFlurry on our way out. Romance.

5) Please don't wrinkle up your nose at me, but I drank pickle juice the other day. Not a lot, just a swig or two. Vlasic Classic Dill Pickle juice is too good to just dump down the drain.

6) One of my students from last year sent me a postcard from Yellowstone. I love that he wrote, "What's your favorite geyser? Please respond." at the top.

7) Yes, I've responded.

8) I just got a craving for a Vlasic Classic Dill Pickle.

9) I'm trying to get used to wearing my fake tooth apparatus. My s sounds don't come out very well which is really annoying. So far I haven't accidentally thrown it in the trash with my napkin and I have a new-found appreciation for wearers of retainers everywhere.

10) School starts in 15 days.


Dawn Hartill said...

School in Lewiston, Maine started today. 80 degrees and no air conditioning. . . I couldn't make the kids wear their new jeans to school so they wore shorts. Enjoy another two weeks of summer on your end of the country!

Kellie said...


Your hubby is a wonderful guy, and, yes, I think that is equal to serious romance when they are willing to do the little things for us.

You'll be great in first grade. Not a worry over here on the other side of the country...