Tuesday, August 11, 2009

keeping things current

Current Books: The Book of Eleven: An Itemized Collection of Brain Lint by Amy Krouse Rosenthal; The Very Best of Yes, It's a Scrapbook! by Donna Downey; my journals

Current Playlist: lots of good stuff. . .scroll on down to the bottom and find out.

Current Shame: my mom reminded me the other day that she still doesn't have her scrapbook from their trip out here last summer. I'm working on it, Mom. Kinda.

Current Color: black. black is the new black in my wardrobe. why am I drawn to everything black?

Current Drink: iced tea. . . perfected by brewing six regular Lipton tea bags and one Stash orange tea bag + some splenda.

Current Food: tomatoes. . .we've got them coming out our eyeballs. If you're on your way to Costco, Vancouver friends, and you want to stop on by, we can take a little trip out back.

Current Favorite Favorite: my little 8X8 scrapbook I'm working on of my Ohio trip. I love it. I can't stop looking at it. I make Phil look at it too. (poor guy)

Current Wishlist: hair cut with highlights, his & hers matching dark brown leather recliners for the family room, get the piano tuned, register for Cathy Zielske's online class based on the book The Encyclopdia of an Ordinary Life because I want to write my own encyclopedia, a new pair of Sketchers, and for my sister and niece to get their hind ends out here.

Current Needs: um. . .employment and the overall lifting of my spirit.

Current Triumph: hallelujah. . . we found my teaching portfolio yesterday in the very first box we looked in. You don't even know how happy we were that we didn't have to start unpacking boxes of books.

Current Bane of my Existence: I had to look up bane in the dictionary just to make sure I was answering this correctly. According to Oxford, bane is the cause of ruin or trouble. Well, unfortunately, I have to bring home all my school stuff. And after eleven and a half years, I have a lot of stuff. I went in yesterday and they have been painting in the classrooms, so everything is all smashed together in the middle. It was a little troubling, to say the least. Fortunately, tomorrow, I've got a couple friends that are going to go in to help me pack up.

Current Indulgence: well. . .I bought that big bag of jumbo chocolate chips in the bulk food section at Winco yesterday.

Current Mood: blah , blah, blah. and then add some more blah.

Current #1 Blessing: it's a tie. . . prayer because so many people have told me that they are praying for my job situation. I can only expect great things from all those intercessions being lifted up - and Phil because I'm just really glad that I've got him.

Current Slang or Saying: Oh Honey!!! (pronounced hun-neeeeeee) any time Phil says or does something crazy. Honey is not my normal term of endearment for him, and it makes me laugh when I say it.

Current Outfit: mismatched. . . I don't really get dressed for another hour or so. It is still summer vacation after all.

Current Excitement: the possibility of hosting a small group for our church this year.

Current Link: online scrapbooking class I want to take - Me: the Abridged Version

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