Saturday, July 18, 2009

how to successfully take care of your flat tire

1. Be with your husband at Ikea when it goes flat.
2. Call a friend from church to get the number for Les Schwab.
3. When you find out Les Schwab just closed at five, go ahead and move all purchases from the trunk to the back seat so he can get out the doughnut tire.
4. Go shopping for a new rug just before you go to Ikea.
5. Allow your husband to use previously mentioned rug to cushion his knees on the asphalt.
6. Keep a supply of napkins in the glove box so your husband has something to wipe the sweat off with.
7. Treat your husband to dinner at Chevy's when it's all said and done.
8. Give Les Schwab a piece of your mind (in a nice Christian way) for having two rear tires go flat in about a four week period of time.

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