Monday, June 1, 2009

couscous, anyone?

Have you ever tried it? I had it for the 2nd time tonight. Normally, I'm not one to try new things, but the hubs convinced me I should. So I did. It's quite good and can be made with a variety of flavors (or so I know from my internet recipe searching). It's sort of like little beads of grain with a rice-like consistency. I made some for dinner with fresh mushrooms and parsley that I picked straight out of the herb pot out back. Then I whipped up a salad while Phil grilled the halibut. Yum!

In other news, our computer has acquired a virus. Or a worm. Or some other crazy thing that's driving me insane. We can get online. We can check email. I can even blog, but Microsoft Word won't open. The camera won't upload pictures. Outlook Express won't come up. Nothing else works. Just the internet. So we've ordered a portable hard drive to move our files over, then Phil gets to wipe it clean, reload the programs, and start over again. It's so annoying. Every two minutes this thing pops up and says, "Harmful Software Detected. Are you going to continue unprotected?" And I do. Then it says, "That is considered unsafe. So you should enter your credit card information to delete the virus." Ya, right. Enter my credit card information. Do I look like I want to end up on the news in the Problem Solvers segment? That's for Grandmas who wire their money overseas.

Thanks to the lovely folks who gave it to us. Myspace? Facebook? Blogger? Friends, Romans, countrymen???

So that means I can't show you the cute little album I made for one of the moms in my room. She has been in almost every Tuesday morning this year. Like clockwork. Like, half the time I don't even remember it's Tuesday and that I need to have things ready to go, yet, there she is. She's amazing! She mainly takes kids out to the hall to read (Dibels tests), but she's made copies, she's worked on multiplication and art projects. She bought me a digital timer when mine apparently ended up in the trashcan. She made me a homemade baguette. She's been a HUGE help to me. And I figured the kids and I could make her a little something to thank her for her help. It turned out pretty darn cute. At least the cover anyway, but, you'll have to wait to see it.

Speaking of school, Camp Read-A-Lot was a whopping success. When the kids came in from recess and walked by the door, they all peeked in to see the tents and camping chairs all set up. They were oohing and ahhing. It's so funny to see them get all wigged out over something so simple. Our fake campfire was the bomb. And seriously, how many days during my teaching career have I sat in a lawn chair and read scrapbooking magazines while thunderstorm music played in the background? Ya, one. It was awesome. One of my moms even made S'mores bars.

Happy June! 11 days til my anniversary and get-a-way at the coast. 12 days til my birthday and the whale watching excursion. 18 days til I fly to Ohio and blast my nieces and nephews with all those kisses I've been saving up. So, so, so happy this month is here.

Oh, and wait, I forgot that my camera phone still works. And since I can email the picture to myself, here you go. . . the little thank you gift I made. I thought the whole thing was going to be a board book, but it wasn't, just the covers. The inside pages were white cardstock. Some I covered over with plain paper I got in a cheesy little school kit - thus, the inside pages are also cheesy. Each child wrote her a thank you note. The stickers on the cover are actually three-dimensional metal and the word was cut out on my cricut. Then I inked the edges of everything with blue to unify it all and wa-la.


Kellie said...

That is a nice gift! I had moms like that this year and they truly were a blessing!

I know you are excited for school to be out and on to your adventures. :) Enjoy every minute of them!

Natalie said...

So you will be in on the 19th? That whole next week (21-26) Baeleigh will be at VBS with her Aunt Missie's so I will have time in the evenings to hang with you.

Love and miss you!~ Nat.