Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ten on tuesday - the i have a boy in my class who wears cologne edition

1. Lately I feel like I've been doing a bad job with the blogging. And I apologize. But you should know that I moved and finished report cards all in the same week. I think enough has been said. (My sanity is slowly returning too, which is nice.)

2. Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies are the best Easter candy ever. Well, right up there next to Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. We got our his & hers Jelly Belly stash in bulk at Winco (world's largest grocery store - it's as big as Sam's Club, and no, you don't need a membership card to get in) on Sunday after church. I get pear and orange. That's it. Phil goes through and gets a mixture of everything.
The lady at the checkout totally knew whose was whose. I'm sure it was the black licorice kind that gave it away. She knew I'd never eat that nasty stuff in a million years.

3. If I can detect Phil has recently eaten a black licorice Jelly Belly, there will be absolutely no kissing. Because, seriously, it stinks, it turns your teeth black, and it's not coming near my face. Even if you are tall, dark & handsome with a goatee.

4. Our landlords live in Hawaii. We are happy to support their island hopping lifestyle because we really like living in their house with all our stuff.

5. We spent Easter afternoon with our friends, the Marquez family, for a barbeque. It saved me from having to fix a ham and I got to hide some of Zach's stash. It sort of gave me the warm fuzzies because I don't get to hide eggs for my own nieces and nephews living 2,000 miles away and all, and that makes me feel a little bit left out, so I've sort of adopted Zach. He and Darick would get along great!

6. Phil (aka the Easter Bunny) surprised me on Easter morning with everything polkda dots. I got some tulips wrapped up in polka dot tissue and a gigantic polka dot cup and saucer (which is actually a planter waiting for some ivy - which I will then promptly kill). I saw the planter at the store one day and oohed and ahhed over it. And then it shows up on Easter morning because, well folks, he's just that good!

7. Every ivy plant I've ever owned, I've killed.

8. I was thrilled to hear that my niece, Payge, accepted Jesus as her Savior on Easter!

9. Tomorrow is our school's Walkathon and Friday and Saturday is the Beth Moore conference. Both of them are downtown at the Memorial Coliseum. Kind of strange that I'll be going there three times this week.

10. I have a 2nd grader who wears cologne. Really nicely scented cologne. I got a whiff this morning again as I walked by his desk. I so want to ask him what kind it is because Phil's kind is almost gone and I can't find a replacement bottle anywhere. But I don't think it's appropriate for a 2nd grade teacher to ask a 2nd grade boy what kind of cologne he's wearing. Life presents us with such predicaments sometimes, doesn't it?


Kellie said...

LOL!!!!! Those were great... loved the last one about the cologne.

You have a very sweet hubby!!!

Sandra said...

I'm still laughing about #10!