Wednesday, March 25, 2009

home sweet home

I'm back! The coast was glorious. Well, during the two days of sun it was glorious. The other two days it rained sideways. And, seriously, who wants to be out in that? We saw some fabulous new places, including. . .

Haceta Head ~ named after the famed Spanish explorer Bruno Haceta. There's a lighthouse there, but I'll show you more pictures later. Gotta keep you coming back.

Devil's Churn ~ a long skinny raging inlet named after, well, the Devil. There is so much water trying to go into such a small space, the sound of the waves was incredible.

The little sea town of Florence. I'm guessing there must be a famous lady named Florence in the town's history somewhere.

And my new favorite place on the Oregon Coast, Shore Acres State Park. It should be on the top 10 things you should see before you die. I'm serious. The pictures I took don't even do it justice.

Phil said the reason the rocks are angling up is because it has something to do with the Pacific Plate meeting the Juan de Fuca Plate under the ocean somewhere. Think geology class and plate techtonics. (My explanation is that it's all part of the Pacific Ring of Fire which can mean at any moment an earthquake erupting, a tsunami crashing, or volcanic activity.)

I saw the blow of three whales. The greys and humpbacks are migrating north right now. No tail fins, though. I really wanted to see some fins. (Keeping my fingers crossed for June.) I also saw a whole bunch of HGTV on Monday when it was raining really bad. We don't have cable, so it was kinda fun being stuck inside with all those channels to choose from. Took some naps. Started The Secret Life of Bees. Made a card. Wrote a letter. Relaxed. Listened to the waves. It was all good.

Oh, and we found out on Monday that we get to live in the cute little yellow house afterall :) We go to sign some papers tomorrow!


Kellie said...

Your trip sounded wonderful...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new home!!! Can't wait to see how it all looks! See.. the Lord had everything fall into place in His timing.

new every morning said...

What a beautiful place!!!

I want to visit the northern west coast ... one day.