Monday, February 16, 2009

together (part 2)

After we left Multnomah Falls, we continued on down through the Gorge. I got a couple shots from the car of the mountains. Sorry about the blurry trees. Unfortunately, Mt. Hood was behind the clouds, so all you get to see are the foothills.

It was a pretty quiet stroll through the historic downtown area with more mountains in the background. The weather turned out to be great. We were prepared for a rain/snow mix, but the sun was out the whole time.

I spotted this staircase. Can you imagine the workout you'd get climbing up all those steps? There are a bunch of houses at the top, so if you live up there and don't have a car, well then. . .your legs should be in pretty darn good shape.

After our stroll, it was time to get the mochas. This was a dog friendly joint. They have a jar of dog biscuits right next to the cash register. Inside it was an ecclectic mixture of 60's retro dining room tables and Goodwill couches and end tables. Even the big coffee machine looked like something from back in the day. For those without internet, you can use one of several computers in there to check your email. Or facebook. Or blogs. Don't worry, I let it go. After all, I was on a date.

Since our mochas were "for here" we were served them in big mugs with pretty designs. I know you've already seen mine, but here they are together.

And yes, they tasted as good as they looked!

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