Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i heart the internet

This post is for all you cricut owners out there. Or for all of you who know cricut owners. I've been home quite a bit the last week and a half due to ARCTIC BLAST 2008 - which is still blasting at the moment. So I've had lots of extra time to play and search and browse blogs and scrapbooking websites with our Christmas present to ourselves - high speed internet. I stumbled across this goodie the other day.

The Pink Stamper has a little video tutorial on how you can make the cricut mat sticky again. All you need is your old not-so-sticky-anymore mat that you're about ready to throw out into a landfill somewhere and a tube of ZIG 2 Way Glue. Now go watch that video that I hyper-linked for you.

I tried it with two of my mats last night. On the video, she uses a chisel tip pen. Well, Craft Warehouse had a Jumbo Tip pen which worked out fine. It took maybe 5 minutes a piece. The glue goes on blue when it's wet and dries clear. Stay inside the gridlines, I read somewhere that you don't want to get it on the green part of the mat because it will mess up the rollers. I let them dry overnight. And wa-la, for $6.49 (glue not on sale, but I had to try it out) I have saved myself from ever buying a new cricut mat again.

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