Monday, November 3, 2008

wild waves

So we went to the coast over the weekend. I thought it was going to be POURING rain the whole time (ha ha - read the previous post if you don't get it), but amazingly, we had lots of sunshine and a very turbulent ocean. White frothy water crashing onto the retaining wall is pretty neat. Here are just a few pictures to make you jealous.

We stayed in Lincoln City, went to the Comedy on the Coast shin-dig, and played $8 in the slots (hoping to hit it big, but knowing it wasn't going to happen), and came out with $8 less than we went in with. I am amazed by the number of people that just keep feeding in bill after bill after bill. Serious gambling addicts, I'm telling you. A couple of things I found interesting: this place was packed full of people. You'd never know our economy is in a recession with the way people were betting away their paychecks. And, when you're wandering around the casino, feel free to grab yourself a free pop or coffee at one of the pop machines. I'm sure Chinook Winds can afford to give you a free pop when you get thirsty over there at the Phantom of the Opera game.

Then we went on down a few miles to Depoe Bay. It's the ocean, a retaining wall, a street, and shops. Water was shooting up over the wall into the street. Even caught a rainbow in the spray. Pretty amazing. That guy there in the dark coat got drenched just before this picture was taken.

This is Boiler Bay. We've driven by it lots of times, but never stopped at the parking area. This is the place to see some wild waves, my friends. Wow. That's all I kept saying. I wish I could've recorded the sound of the water.

By the time we were ready to go, we looked like drowned rats. And we needed something warm to drink. So we found ourselves a little coffee spot and got some white chocolate mochas for the drive back. We're making plans for a future trip to Depoe Bay (our 5 year anniversary) to take a whale watching excursion. I cannot wait!

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